About Us

Cellent Pharma (Pvt) Ltd is one of pre-eminent and fastest growing privately held pharmaceutical company in Hyderabad, India. We constantly endeavour to deliver innovative and high quality medicines thereby helping to prevent, cure, and alleviate illness and save lives. Cellent Pharma guided by industry experts who are well recognized within the pharmaceutical research, manufacturing, marketing and distribution. We invite manufacturers of high quality medicines and other pharmaceuticals to join us and promote their brands in the overall world.

Our Mission

To uphold our social responsibilities of delivering highest standard healthcare services to all segments of society without compromising on our core values of integrity, good ethics and commitment.To become a globally acclaimed pharmaceutical company through research, manufacturing, marketing distribution field and introduction of wide portfolio of Pharmaceutical.

Our Vision

We strive to secure the availability and accessibility of the best pharmaceuticals from all over the world, at an affordable price, by maintaining a highly efficient and high quality distribution and delivery service.
Cellent pharma serves a target market of specialists, general practitioners and pharmacies through a national footprint of wholesalers.
Third party manufacturing in pharma in form of tablets, capsules, injections,ophhalmics, syrups and dry syrups. Cellent Pharma is looking to give Pharma Franchise on PCD (Propaganda cum distribution) basis in all states of India. We are also giving Monopoly rights to the Master Franchise.
Our sales and distribution is supported by many processes and teams within the company to ensure a high quality, efficient and fast service.
The sales and distribution network supported by a highly trained, committed, and efficient sales team who are well versed in modern and conventional sales techniques.
We are continuously expanding our presence in the Indian pharmaceutical market and welcome new business partners from all over the globe.